Escuela Avancemos is proud to be the only academy to offer its families door-to-door transportation. Any parent/guardian who wishes to make a change or request must contact the main office 3 days in advance. If a parent/guardian decides to pick up their child(ren) instead of using bus transportation, he/she must contact the office no later than 2:30 p.m. Failure to do so could result in the loss of transportation privileges. This policy is designed to keep the buses on time and efficiently for all students.
Parents/guardians may request door-to-door school bus transportation service by completing and submitting the 2023-2024 Transportation Request Form to the school office.
All requests are considered on a firstā€come/first-served space-available basis.
Requests that are not approved by the first day of school will be placed on the waiting list. When or if seat space becomes available, the transportation will contact the parent/guardian. 
For more information regarding transportation pickup and drop-off times please contact our school office at 313-596-0079.