Why Escuela

EA Heart LogoEscuela Avancemos Academy was founded as a community school to holistically serve the needs of its students through a ‘whole child’ focus.  In order to provide comprehensive academic and social development to its students, the academy was founded to be representative of the community in which it resides, while embracing the diversity and uniqueness of each student it has the privilege of developing.  A dedication to cultural responsiveness and commitment to shared experiences amongst its families and staff members creates a paradigm in which diversity and inclusion support the creation of a learning environment that is characterized by a growth mindset, academic excellence, and innovation.

Striving to be the best educational option for students and families, the Academy offers evidence-based curricula and pedagogy to meet the needs of its diverse student population.  Escuela Avancemos is built on an innovative and holistic framework, where each student’s identity drives the inclusive learning process. The unique pedagogy incorporates restorative principles, academic rigor, dual language acquisition, and community engagement strategies to inspire students to be critical thinkers and succeed at the highest level.

To maintain a holistic focus on its students that keeps the child at the center of the work, a collaborative approach driven by a mission-focused leadership team ensures the academy’s PLC (Professional Learning Community) structure is fully aligned to its core values and that the work done in committees puts children at the center at all times.  The essential elements that define the PLC are as follows:

Synonymous with the academy’s growth-mindset, a commitment to continuous improvement manifests in the intentional selection, monitoring, and reconfiguration of academic and non-academic goals.  A commitment to the concept of continuous improvement is the very lynchpin and foundation to the academy’s operation of a PLC structure.

A core group that includes the principal, literacy facilitator, MTSS Specialist, and others, provides vision, direction, and monitoring of the overall PLC structure.

These are teams of teachers and support staff that meet in different committees under the academy’s PLC structure to identify and address school-wide issues, such as attendance, behavior, community connections, and intervention.