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Dart Game Rules for Shanghai Darts

The Object of the game: The main objective of this game is to score as many points as possible within 20 tries. The team or the player that scores the most points is the winner.

The Scoring of the game: To begin the game each team will have one turn to throw a dart and aim at the bullseye on the board. The team that is able to get the closest to the bullseye will start. Next closest team will play second, and so on. The teams will need to be recorded on score sheet in order of play.

The Play: The game begins with the number 1 and play in order to 20. Players will need to aim at the appropriate number for each turn. Each team will alternate players and have a turn to throw three darts at each number.  If 3 teams are playing on 1 board, Player A from each team will throw at 1, then Player B from each team will throw at 1.  Now play will move to the next number 2. Player A from each team will throw at 2, then Player B from each team will throw at 2.

  • Object is to score as high as possible with each turn OR win with a Shanghai.
  • At the end of the game team with the highest score will become the winners.

 Shanghai Win: Another method of winning Shanghai would be to throw one dart in the single, one in the double and one in the triple. The order in which the darts land doesn't matter but it has to be in the same round. This method is known as Shanghai. The game will be over at this point regardless of the opposing team’s score.

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